We Love the Sun

But the Sun Doesn't Always Love Us

While you spend time obtaining your desired glow, the sun and UV light damages your skin. MÖRSUN’s drink harnesses the power of Melanin to not only protect your skin, but improve your glow too. 

So We Made

Your Body Naturally Produces a Compound called Melanin. By Superpowering Your Body’s Ability to Create Melanin You Amplify Its Effects. 

Here's How It Works

What we call a tan is actually melanin that is made and stored in the outer layers of your skin. Drinking MORSUN helps produce melanocytes through a process called melanogenesis.

UV-A rays in sunlight penetrate to lower levels of the skin and activate the melanocytes to produce more melanin. 

By fuel your body with the building blocks of melanin your melanocytes produce faster giving yourself the an elevated glow while protecting your skin.

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